Who we are & What we can do for you

A family of real estate experts that provide homeowners with simple ways of getting the most out of their home.
Real and Straight up

Here at Cmark, we got tired of hearing that same old sell me your house pitch. Their had to be someone who tells homeowners exactly how it is, what they can do about it, and how they can achieve that goal. So we decided it was going to be us.

We're Not Just Home Buyers

One of the things we do is give people a fast and easy way to sell their house. However, It’s so much more than that. We work to fulfill people's need and provide value through the information we give them with the hope that it will change their lives for the better.

People First, Real Estate Second

We believe that real estate is about the people and not just houses that we trade for money. We want to get to know our clients before we start working with them. It’s harder doing business with a stranger, so why not work with us as a friend?

We Buy Houses All Over Sacramento

Sell your house Quickly, Easily, and Hassle-free

A lot of the times we get homeowners who don’t want to deal with their property anymore. We either have one of our agents list the property on the market or give them a second option.

We offer to buy the house directly from the homeowner. This option can be helpful when someone is short on time, has a property that needs repairs, or some other situations. Every house we buy is paid for in cash.


What our clients think of us

I had a house that I rented out to a few tenants and their dogs had completely destroyed the carpets and walls. I wanted to sell the house knowing that I would have to take a loss because I didn’t want to make the repairs myself. Thank god I found Cmark Properties. They did a joint venture with me and covered the cost of repairs to sell the house at a higher price. I ended up making 15k more than I would have selling the house in its current condition.

Susan B
Susan B Carmichael CA

When my grandmother died, she left the house to me. I didn’t know what to do with it because it needed quite a bit of work. I got a letter from cmark properties saying they can buy my property so I gave them a call and I sold the house to them in 10 days. They made it really easy and took care of everything. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Joseph R.
Joseph R. Fair Oaks CA

I was a little skeptical when val sent me a letter telling me that he could help me by stopping a foreclosure. I thought I would lose the house for sure, but I called him anyways. We talked and talked until we came to an agreement. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the payments on my house anymore, so I chose to do the FCG program. Val stopped the foreclosure even though it was supposed to go to sale in just 4 days. We put the house up on the market and sold it in a few weeks. I had enough money to get back on my feet and find a new place to live. Thank you for helping me in such a difficult time in my life.

Karen C.
Karen C. Roseville CA
Cmark Properties